Students in their fourth year of the Bachelor of Divinity degree at Moore Theological College have the opportunity to research and write a 5 000 word essay in Church History on some aspect of evangelicalism in Australia or Britain (post-1600).  The excellent quality of some of these essays has encouraged the Church History Department to seek a way to share the fruits of the research and writing of these students with a broader audience. This is the reason for the launch of this new journal Integrity.  See Journal History for more detail.

Vol 4 (2015)

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The reverend turned officer: influences in John Dean’s transition from Methodist ministry to Salvation Army officership in 1883
Lachlan Grice
What was the motivation for Bishops Broughton and Barry in establishing grammar schools?
Samuel Anderson
The impact of the ministry of Rev John Young Wai among early Chinese residents in Sydney
Nathan Cheung
The Great Cause: F. B. Boyce’s Campaign to Abolish Alcohol in New South Wales
Matthew Moffitt
The training of men for ministry in the Newcastle Anglican Diocese of Australia from 1847-1860
Stephen Watt